CLASS Program

Caring Ladies Assisting Students to Succeed

CLASS is a structured support system for young women in urban Wichita schools, headed by qualified women from diverse backgrounds. The women of CLASS meet in groups for approximately 2 hours each week. During this time, groups will attend workshops in character building, mentorship and life skills, as well as, receive educational guidance.

Girls face many struggles and tough decisions during their adolescent years. Many urban and underprivileged girls face these years without capable mentors. CLASS offers support during this critical period of development.

Adolescents, who feel they've been alienated or neglected by authority figures in the past, will often rebel, even against caring adults with good intentions. Role models must be patient, attentive and seek to find common ground. CLASS mentors, who have faced their fair share of adversity, personally identify with what the child has gone through. This goes a long way toward building mutual respect.

An important aspect of CLASS mentoring revolves around breaking the perpetual cycle of poverty and hopelessness. Lynn Gilkey and the women of CLASS, work to fill this much-needed role and use their personal success as an example of how to break the cycle.

In addition to weekly sessions, the program schedules sisterhood-themed events during which educators, professionals and community leaders participate. Speakers share their motivational stories and empowering messages of overcoming hardships in their lives.

The C.L.A.S.S. program currently has a presence in four Wichita high schools: Northwest, North, East and West High. We also collaborate with Gerard House, Hiawatha Salvation Army program and Wichita Children's Home. For more information call the Urban League Community Learning Center at (316) 683-3315 or email Lynn Gilkey.